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  • Boilers


  • Quality Boiler Services from Duluth

    A boiler system is a powerful tool that can provide heat and comfort to both residential and commercial properties. Since boilers are put to critical use, maintaining their function is crucial. Boilers have less components than a conventional furnace, making them easier to maintain and less likely to break down.

    However, like any essential appliance, they need annual service to keep running efficiently. Boilers also require expert-level technicians to maintain, repair, and install. The experts at Kalkbrenner Plumbing & Heating have been helping Duluth residences with their boiler needs for over two decades.

    Our pricing is upfront, and we never charge hidden fees. With our red carpet service, your home stays clean while we work, and clean when we leave. Choosing the right company for boiler services is easy, just choose Kalkbrenner!

    Here all the boiler services we offer:

    Gas boiler Emergency Repair

    When your gas boiler goes out in the winter, you don’t have time to waste. Every hour without your boiler drops the indoor temperature, which is both uncomfortable and dangerous. Call 24/7 to bring in one of our friendly heating experts who will get you feeling warm and safe—guaranteed.

    Gas Boiler Tuneup

    Want to ensure your gas boiler runs strong all winter? Keep it in peak condition with a thorough maintenance inspection. Our highly-trained technicians clean-up ordinary wear & tear while hunting for the signs of a potential emergency.

    Improve Gas Boiler Energy Efficiency

    Over time, gas boilers lose efficiency, meaning you spend more money on heat to keep your house warm. Our boiler tune ups not only keep your gas boiler running, they keep it running at maximum efficiency. You’ll enjoy the savings—and the comfort.

    New Gas Boiler Installation

    Installing a brand new gas boiler can mean reliability and energy savings. When the time comes to install a powerful and efficient new boiler, trust the heating experts who have kept your system in peak condition for years.

    Contact Kalkbrenner Plumbing & Heating for all your boiler needs! Give us a call at 218-626-3316 to schedule an appointment today.