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  • Drain Cleaning


  • Duluth’s Experts in Drain Cleaning and Clog Removal

    Clearing a drain may seem like a simple task, but in some cases it requires more labor than you’re prepared for. Attempting home-made methods may worsen the issue, and cause more clogging – or even damage your pipes. Stay away from cheap, inefficient solutions for unclogging your drains. If your plumbing is experiencing build-up or clogging that won’t go away, even after using a plunger, chances are the issue may be more complex than you think. Don’t let the problem persist as built-up clogging combined with water pressure can cause pipes to burst, leading to leaks and water damage in your home.

    Complete Drain Cleaning Services for Duluth

    With Kalkbrenner Plumbing & Heating, you receive superior service with focused customer-satisfaction. Our drain cleaning services completely restore function to your drains and plumbing.  We can also thoroughly assess your system to remedy any additional drain issues that may lie within. Our complete and efficient service means any drain cleaning or clogging problem you come across will be dealt with by plumbers who are fully equipped with solutions made for you.

    Our Kalkbrenner Expert Plumbers Can Unclog:

    • Sinks
    • Showers, Tubs & Toilets
    • Floor Drain & Sink
    • Roof Drains
    • Laundry Drains
    • Exterior Area Drains
    • Pool Drains
    • Sewer Lines
    • Root Stoppages
    • Grease Stoppages

    At Kalkbrenner Plumbing & Heating our pricing is upfront and competitive, and we never charge hidden fees. We never perform a service without approval from the homeowner, and we tailor efficient, cost-effective solutions to fit your system and budget. With our red carpet service, we leave your home just as clean as we found it, and make sure the only thing we leave behind is a clean drain. Our award-winning services ensure fast, efficient solutions and maximum water flow. Choosing the professionals at Kalkbrenner means service that will clear your both your plumbing anxiety – and your drain.

    If you are experiencing problems with your drain, contact Kalkbrenner Plumbing & Heating at 218-626-3316 to schedule an appointment today!